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Kritical solutions for times of crisis
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Trusted to deliver Kritical Solutions

During the extreme conditions of a crisis, where lives may be on the line, you need mission critical solutions that guarantee a rapid resolution, with the utmost reliability and safety to restore normality as soon as possible. Kri-Tech has the capability and vision to assist clients solve critical problems or improve the reliability or speed of a process. With experience in the civil and defence sectors, Kri-Tech has been trusted by a number of international organisations to deliver kritical solutions that are now on the front line of national IEDD crisis and contingency operation responses.

Where a solution is crucial to the successful outcome of a crisis a Kri-Tech kritical solution will aid in victory.

Wire Diagnostics

Wire Attack insulation piercing probes, wire taps, instruments and tools for diagnosing wires.

IEDD Toolkits

Manual Improvised Explosive Device Disposal (IEDD) toolkits ready for operations.

Ceramic Tools

Ceramic knives, scapels and tweezers that are perfect for non conductive and non magnetic requirements.

Alarm Defeat Equipment

Alarm Equipment

Diagnostic and defeat tools for sensors within Intruder Detection Systems (IDS)

Training Tools & Equipment

Tools and equipment to enhance the realism of training

Other Tools and Equipment

Alarm diagnostics, access and other tools and training equipment

Sansolo Products

Products designed and manufactured by Sansolo Security Consulting Ltd

Exercise Planning and Scenario Building

Creation and management of scenarios that challenge and educate your teams


Management, business and product consultancy for SMEs and corporations.

About Us

Kri-Tech is a company bred from the front lines of extreme Counter Terrorist Crisis Management, where time, decision making and the capability to respond is critical. From these roots we have grown to become a provider of kritical solutions where the ability to problem solve using initiative and innovation have been proven to be paramount to mission success.

What we offer

Operational Experience

Kri-Tech offers the ability to bring a wealth of operational crisis management experience and knowledge to bear on a process or problem, ensuring that solutions are ready for the next crisis.

Systematic Approach

Core capabilities within the company is the ability to apply a unique systematic approach gained by years of operational crisis management response at the coal face. This unique system ensures a rapid resolution to key or niche tasks enabling mission success for any organisation.

Diverse Thought and Application

We offer diverse thought with a constant ability to think ‘outside the box’, applied with an operational focus not normally found in industry.

Kritical Solutions

Due to our unique experiences of ‘getting things done’ in extreme circumstances; Kri-Tech are masters at identifying procedural, technical or physical solutions for when it matters most. We investigate your stated requirement or can identify limitations or improvements in your response at your request.

Where the best solution is a physical one, a relevant tool or equipment may be designed or equipment identified on the open market. These may be as a turn key solution or complimentary to users current equipment to make the task safer, quicker, more efficient or easier.

The kritical solutions that we have designed and developed are currently in use by some of the worlds best crisis management operators and teams.