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Wire Diagnostics

Kri-Tech designs and sources products that assist technicians to diagnose wires in a multitude of circumstances. Focused on diagnosing wires quickly and efficiently without the need to expose any conductor core using insulation piercing techniques.  Discover our range of wire diagnostics tools and equipment below.

Products that enable rapid and safe diagnostics of wires.

Wire Insulation Piercing Tap

Wire Tap WIPT-2

WIPT-2 in use

WIPT Small and Large

Wire Tapped

Wire Insulation Piercing Taps – WIPT

The ‘Wire Insulation Piercing Tap, better known as the Wire Tap’, is a unique insulation piercing probe that allows you to rapidly tap on to a wire up to 2mm O/D (24 AWG).  This allows a technician to quickly take electronic diagnostic readings with a multimeter or electronics instrument.

Available in two lengths, small (50mm) – WIPT-2 and long (160mm) – WIPT-16. The small ‘Wire Tap’ are ideal when needing to diagnose multiple wires in a confined space.  The large ‘Wire Tap’ gives some more reach. It can also be extended 

For longer required lengths the WIPT-16 can be extended by the use of WEPT.  By joining a maximum of 3 WEPT extension rods makes difficult to reach wires diagnosable.

WIPT-2 are available in 6 colours whilst the WIPT-16 and WEPT are available in Black and Red.  Get in touch with us if you require other colour variants of the WIPT-16. 


Designed and manufactured to be small and lightweight yet extremely strong to enable wires to be diagnosed with tight and confined spaces. To attach the wire tap to a wire just place the wire in the jaws of the tap and screw down the top which causes the seven needles to pierce the wire insulation and make a firm connection with the single or multi strand conductor inside. The top of the tap allows the connection of a 2mm test lead banana plug which is supplied with a test lead and 4mm banana plug enabling a standard connection to test and measurement equipment.


Wire Bypass and Clamp Kit

WBCK - G Clamp

G Clamp with 2mm Lead

Wire Bypass and Clamp Kit – WBCK

The WBCK is a kit of multiple ‘G Clamps’ that are designed to clamp on to a conductor that may be concealed on the underside of a container surface making it difficult to diagnose.

The clamp is deployed by screwing down on to the conductor using the screwed bearing on top. The body of the clamp has a 2mm socket which accepts a standard 2mm banana plug, enabling continuity checks or electronic measurement and is compatible with the lead set provided with the Wire Taps and Wire Attack kits.

The WBCK consists of 8 small and 4 large G Clamp variants.  Small and large replacement G Clamps are available seperately.

Wire Attack Kit

Wire Taps

Piercing Probes

Needle Probe

Wire Attack Kit – WATK

The Wire Attack Kit – WATK is a well thought out wire diagnostics kit containing a range of insulation piercing probes and clips, including our very own uniques WIPT ‘Wire Taps’.

The range of probes and clips will enable a technician to ‘tap’ on to any wire in from 0.5mm – 4mm O/D  (36-16AWG).

Included in the kit are some banana plug leads and some multimeter probes with spring hooks for general measurement tasks.  

All probes are connected to your test and measurement equipment utilising standard 4mm double stacking banana plugs allowing easy shorting or connection of other recording or substitution equipment.

The kit comes contained within its own pouch which has room for the storage of a standard sized multimeter.

Wire Remote Assessment Toolkit

Wire Insulation Piercing Probe

WIPP Deployed

Wire Remote Grabber & Cutter Tool

2-4mm Cutters

Wire Remote Assessment Toolkit – WRAT

A toolkit designed for rapid diagnostics of electronic circuit wires up to 1m away via a 10mm hole or gap. The kit consists of a tool that is used to deploy Wire Insulation Piercing Probes (WIPP) which attach themselves to a chosen wire and a tool that enables you to grab and control wires as well as cut them if required.

This is the second generation toolkit with a newly designed WIPP, grabber and cutter so that the system is capable of dealing with wires 0.5-4mm in ouside diameter (36-16AWG).

Wire Diagnostic Toolkit

Wire Taps

Bypass clamps

Digital Instruments

Wire Diagnostic ToolKit – WDTK

The Wire Diagnostic Toolkit – WDTK is a diagnostics toolkit containing a range of wire attack tools, digital multimeter, current clamp, digital probe and ultrasonics detector. 

All of our wire diagnostic toolkits are bespoke and built to the customers needs. We can construct and supply comprehensive kits that cater for all situations from simple to comprehensive kits that contain specific items to match target requirements.

Speak to us about your requirement and we will construct a toolkit that will meet your expectations.

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