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Alarm Diagnostics and Defeat Tools

A range of tools and equipment that Kri-Tech has either designed or source that assist technicians to conduct Intruder Detection Systems (IDS) or Alarm system diagnostics and defeat.

Products that enable rapid and safe alarm diagnostics and sensor defeat.

Alarm and Sensor Equipment

Equipment and tools that will assist technicians with identification or diagnosis of commercial, home or vehicle IDS or alarm systems.


Digital Probe

A probe that will rapidly identify digital signals on a digital alarm system, such as a biscuit ID intruder detection system..

Place the tip of the probe close to the sensor wires of an alarm system and the probe will emit an audible signal of the digital information that is being passed along the wires.

Ultrasonics Detector

A bat detector that will also detect ultrasonics emitted from sensors found in commercial alarm systems and vehicle alarms.

This detector will detect ultrasonics being emitted from a sensor from a range of 0.1-5m giving an audible indication.  The audible indication will also vary its pitch and sound to indicate any frequency shifts whilst technicians are nearby and the ultrasonic field is being disturbed.

EOL Buster

A device that enables the bypass of sensors that use End Of Line (EOL) resistors within an Intruder Detection System (IDS).

Equipment consists of a control switching box and five variable sensor substitution boxes.  This enables a technician to defeat 5 separate sensors within one equipment kit.

This equipment requires the operator to have gained adequate diagnostic information of the sensor wires to be able to set the EOL Buster correctly.

PIR Blanket

A blanket cover designed to enable human movement withiin a PIR protected environment

PIR Tunnel

A tunnel designed to enable human movement within a PIR protected environment.

Wire Taps

Wire Insulation Piercing Taps (WIPT) designed to be able to ‘tap’ onto wires and enable quick diagnostics using a multimeter.

Ceramic Scalpel

A non-conducting ceramic blade scalpel to assist in gaining acces to wires within cables.

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