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lSansolo Products

Sansolo Security Consulting design and produce some of the world’s leading EOD products for dismounted and fast moving operations.  As a authorised distributor Kri-Tech can offer the full range of Sansoo products to our customers.

Lightweight and dynamic EOD products that assist in a safe EOD/ IEDD RSP.

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Det Sleeve

Purpose-designed protective sleeve for manually handling an detonator.

Det Protection sleeves have been developed for;  manual handling of an exposed detonator; transport of detonators next to primary charges especially during operational activity and in proximity to RF hazards.

Rapid Coils

Rapid coil is a thin, strong, double stranded electrical wire which is rolled up in a special way into a relatively small container compared with the length of the wire. 

Instead of it having to be pulled and moved with a heavy pulley for electrical wire it is compressed into a container resembling a film box. 

Compact IEDD Kit

Designed for dismounted and special units, where versatility, efficiency and lightweight are essential.
The case contains a folding anchor, hook, extremely sharp anchor blade, large hook, tow rope handle, rappelling metal rings, folding pulley with a tow rope of 70m length (ripping strength 350 kg), two fast deployment single use electric cables, length 70m. 

Leg Pouch EOD Kit

A compact leg pouch Hook and Line kit for manual or remote neutralisation of explosive devices. Designed especially for dismounted units.

  • Professional kit for quick operation
  • Multi purpose
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Easy to use
  • Extra high break strength strings (200 Kg)
  • 21 pcs in the kit.

Backhand Toolkit

A miniature toolkit designed to fit over the back of the operator’s hand.

· Toolkit contains uniquely designed, special purpose tools

· Based on an original operational doctrine

· Integral kit position will not restrict the operator’s movements or performance

· A fabric sleeve that fits around the forearms using straps, with pouches stitched onto it for various tools.

Small Hook & Line Reel

A hook and line reel kit for remote handling of explosive devices and dangerous objects.

A relatively small sized reel with adjustable winding speed, overspill locking, regulator for arranging the cord and handle strips for hanging the reel.

There are 3 available types of line:

SL-031 – 50m of 3mm Polyester string of 240 kg break strength

SL-031A – 75m of 2.5mm Kevlar string of 350kg break strength

SL-031B – 75m of 2.5mm Dyneema string of 360kg break strength


A range of hand held prodders designed for the detection of mines, weapons and booby traps in various types of ground conditions.

· One device incorporating multi purpose tools and possibilities for performing various tasks.

· Constructed to be easily assembled with a suitable efficient length for a user.

· The prodder can also be used to detect trip wires.

· Light, portable, fast and easy to assemble and dismantle.

Non-magnetic, No-rust

Folding Hook Anchor

A Folding Anchor for pulling explosive devices

Made of stainless steel, its hooks fold with sleeves insulated against short circuits, with a hole for connecting an attachment at the end of the hook and line cord.
Non-magnetic, No-rust.

Hook & Line Knife

A knife for semi-remote cutting of wires.

Its main purpose is the disconnection and cutting of electric wires in a circuit by pulling.
The knife is made of a stainless steel housing that accommodates a blade. The hook knife is very sharp. The knife connects to a pulling cord using a 5 x 50 mm ring that is connected to the knife housing hole.

Lightweight Reels

Lightweight reels designed for thin firing cable. coax firing cable or high strength thin rigging line.

Hook Knife

A hook bladed knife designed for EOD operations.  

Has a protective cover for the blade which is moved out of the way in use.

Double Blade Knife

A specially designed handheld knife with a double edge blade.  Comes in a pouch.

Extendable Tripwire Feeler

Trip Wire Detection Feeler
Telescopic tripwire feeler with a shaking balance element for perfect balance in the hand.

Safety Pin Kit

A kit containing a number of pins suitable for re-pinning munitions or interupting mechanical elements.

Hook and Line Reels

A range of lightweight and multi purpose hook and line reels.

Where a solution is crucial to the successful outcome of a crisis a Kri-Tech kritical solution will aid in victory.

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