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Exercise Planning and Scenario Delivery

Kri-Tech staff have years of operational emergency crisis management and contingency planning experience which make us well placed to assit an organisation with training exercises planning and scenario delivery.

Exercise Planning

The key to a sucessful training event is to understand the current levels of threat, participant capability levels and the desired outcomes. 

Whether the desired outcome is to consolidate learning, gain experience at the current level or to increase capability the level of planning equals the amount of detail and indepth scope of an exercise that enable paticipants to get the most of the training opportunity. 

Terror Sceanario

Scenario Delivery

To make training as realistic as possible and  reflect current threats requires scenario based training.  A scenario is the key ingrediant that adds the background information, intelligence hints and assessment clues for paticipants to place their mind into a new reality and to be able to respond appropriately.

Here at Kri-Tech we create scenarios using freely available information relevant to the area of operations and then worked into a realistic master event list to replicate a heightened level of response activity.

One of our drivers is to make the scenario develop over the period of the exercise to increase realism. This includes researching and providing relevant background information for scenario setting and the generation of credible intelligence products so that players receive information as they would for real. This engenders and exercises an investigative mind allowing players to identify links across the scenario and fine tune their threat assessment skills throughout the exercise.


Terror Attack
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