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Other Tools and Equipment

Kri-Tech designs and sources products that assist technicians to conduct operations with safety and speed.  Discover our range of additional tools and equipment for alarm diagnostics and traing.

Products that enable rapid and safe operations.

Precision Router Base for Multitools

Designed specifically to attach to a Dremel or Bosch rotary multitool to provide a better and more precise router base.

The original router or cutting attachments supplied as accessories to the Dremel rotary multi tool are plastic and difficult to maintain accuracy and hold at a specific depth or position. When accuracy is key and can be the difference between success or failure these OEM accessories just don’t meet the requirement.

That is where the precision router base comes in to its own.  Gain firm control and be accurate in your router depth where it matters.

Thermal Imager

A thermal imaging camera which has been selected in conjunction with users for its capabilities, appropriateness and cost.

It enables point and shoot thermal diagnostic capabilities where it is needed most. The imager has a focus-free wide angle lens that offers a 45 degree viewing angle allowing it to capture larger areas from a shorter distance.

It also has a built-in visual camera which can take digital images that can be used alongside thermal images as a reference point for easier point location.

Thermal image

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