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Training Tools and Equipment

Kri-Tech designs and sources products that will enhance the realism of training for participants.  If training is as realistic as possible then the vargarities and unknowns durings operations become easier and natural to deal with.

Products that enhance the realism of training.

Training Tools

Training tools designed with experience already built in, to enable teams and individuals to train smarter and more efficiently. Tools that will assist technicians to get the best from training.

SimDet Blasting Cap Simulator

The SimDet blasting cap simulator provides state of the art EOD/IED simulation capabilities that enhances objective feedback during practical training. SimDet answers the ever debated question during training – if this tool or this action is used in this situation, would the IED initiate?

When using dummy detonators or squibs during training it is often impossible or extremely difficult to identify when or if a simulated training Improvised Explosive Device (IED) has initiated. SimDet will do just that and enable immediate feedback when the IED has received stimulation that would cause it to initiate. Just substitute a dummy detonator or squib connected to a IED training device for a SimDet. When it is armed and receives the appropriate initiation stimuli, the SimDet will safely transmit an “I have detonated” signal wirelessly to a receiver. This enables the trainee, trainer or directing staff the ability to assess the RSP in real-time. The accompanying SimDet receiver can concurrently monitor up to six SimDets and will alarm and give a visual indicator that the SimDet has functioned.

It can be used in classroom settings to produce an audible siren and light effect upon triggering or extends the signal to another simulation system to produce realistic blast effects for use in indoor and outdoor environments. Virtually identical to actual blasting caps in both visual appearance and electronic performance, it is one of the most realistic training aids available for EOD/IEDD training.

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