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Products that raise capability

Kri-Tech designs, manufactures or selects products from across markets with the operational end user in mind. Each product is manufactured or selected because it will raise or enhance a capability to assist crisis teams in resolving crisis quicker and safer.

“In an ever changing technical fight Kri-Tech products give you an edge”.

Wire Attack Kit

A kit containing a range of insulation piercing probes for wire diagnostics.

Wire Taps

Small and large insulation piercing probes for wire up to 2mm O/D


Wire Remote Assessment Toolkit.  Diagnose wires in confined spaces up to 1m away.


Wire Bypass and Clamp Kit.  Clamp on to hidden conductors, diagnose and bypass them.

Diagnostics Kit

A kit that contains all you need for diagnostics.

1st Line Manual Tookit

A 1st line manual Toolkit enabling operations to start immediately.

Manual Toolkit

A manual IEDD toolkit collaboratively designed and delivered in with the EDA

Ceramic Safety Knife

A 1000V insulated, non-conductive, non-magnetic ceramic blade safety knife.

Ceramic Scalpel

A non-conductive, non-magnetic ceramic blade scalpel.

Ceramic Pliers

Long nose, bent nose and universal 1000V insulated pliers with ceramic cutting blades.

Ceramic Tweezers

A range of tweezers with non-conductive ceramic tips.

Ceramic Tweezer Tips

Replacement tweezer tips – non-conductive ceramic tips with high dialectric properties.

Ultrasonic Detector

An ultrasonics detector that will indicate the presence of an ultrasonic sensor during diagnostics.

Digi Probe

An electronic probe to establish the presence of digital signals within a conductor or cable.

EOL Buster

An electronic device to accurately replicate and replace resistance within an EOL alarm system.

Sensor Bypass

A range of products that enable sensors to be bypassed.

Thermal Imagers

A range of thermal imagers that have suitable capabilities to enhance passive diagnostics.

Det Sleeves

A sleeve designed to contain the effects of an inadvertant initiation of a detonator.

Dremel Router Base

A precision router base for Dremel multi tools.  Gives more control and accuracy over then standard Dremel product.


A transmitter and receiver training system that monitors a circuit for stimulea that would initiate a detonator and give an alarm indication.

Hook and Line

Lightweight hook and line equipment designed for dismounted operations  where weight reduction is paramount.

Sansolo Products

Kri-Tech is an authourised distributor of Sansolo products.

Where a solution is crucial to the successful outcome of a crisis a Kri-Tech kritical solution will aid in victory.

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