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IEDD Toolkits

Kri-Tech designs and sources products that assist technicians to conduct operations with safety and speed.  These manual IEDD toolkits that have been designed with years of IEDD knowledge and operational experience built in.

Toolkits that enable a technician to strat operations immediately and safely.

1st Line Manual IEDD Toolkit

A lightweight kit designed to be used as the 1st line response on operations requiring the use of manual techniques.  The Manual Tool kit has been specifically designed as a 1st Line response kit for IEDD Operators required to conduct manual operations. A kit that any operator can not do without if he is required to respond as rapidly and purposefully as possible.


1st Line Toolkit

A range of tools and equipment that are the most commonly used during an operation and required during rapid operations.

Manual IEDD Toolkit

A manual IEDD toolkit that has been designed in collaboration with the European Defence Agency (EDA) for the MNT project. The equipment is contained within a strong aluminium case for easy long distance transportation.

The kit consists of a first line backpack containing a range of enhanced tools and equipment for 1st line use and a number of 2nd line items such as drills, saw, visual aid equipment and detectors.

A fully comprehensive toolkit that has become the standard for many teams.

Additional Tools & Equipment

Additional tools and equipment that will enhance the capability of these toolkits.

Ceramic Knife

1000V Insulated Ceramic Knife

Ceramic Pliers

1000V Insulated Ceramic Pliers

EOL Buster

End Of Line sensor defeat

Multitool Router Base

A precision router base for Dremel and Bosch multitools.

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